2019 New Holland Agriculture Rolabar® Rakes 216 Unitized

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New Holland Agriculture
Rolabar® Rakes 216 Unitized



  • Rolabar® Rakes Leave No Hay Behind: You won't leave any hay behind with the New Holland Rolabar® rake. Its unique design allows the tines to more closely follow the ground contours, while leaving the dirt in the field. The result is cleaner hay and more of it. Combine two Rolabar rakes with New Holland's model 252 rake hitch and double your productivity.
Structural Benefits Features
  • Clean Raking, with Easy Height Adjustment: Offset wheels on the Rolabar® rakes are set close to the basket, so the tines closely follow the ground contours for cleaner raking. Height-adjustment cranks permit easy raising or lowering of either side of the basket for ideal ground clearance. Crank arm locks prevent arms from changing position over rough terrain.
  • Built For Tough Use and Long Life: The ground-driven models use heat-treated gears and heavy-duty universal joints that require only minimum lubrication. Single ball bearings on the models 57 and 256, and double ball bearings on the models 258 and 260 provide long life and low maintenance.
  • Easily Customize Windrow Density: Proven basket suspension on all models provides a full range of settings. Move the ball control to the top position and tines tilt forward for fluffy, fast-drying windrows. Or move the ball control down and tines tilt rearward to produce more compact windrows.
  • Plenty of Options: To customize your Rolabar® rake, a variety of options are available, including: • Flow control kit for hydraulic rake • Dual wheel attachment • Stripper bar support • Wide tire adapter • Dolly wheels
Model 216 Unitized Rake Features
  • Rake 27 Feet In One Pass: For the ultimate in hay raking, the Model 216 unitized rake joins two 10 1/2-foot baskets on one heavy-duty frame to cover twice the ground in one pass. It can combine two 16-foot windrows, to cover a 27-foot-wide stretch each trip down the field.
  • Convenient Controls From The Tractor: Operating the 216 is especially easy because you primarily use the tractor controls. A rake control box allows you to select the raking function. Then use the tractor selector valve to activate that function. Hydraulics raise and lower the baskets and control basket width and angle. A flow control valve lets you adjust reel speed.
  • Solid Frame Construction: The solid unitized frame construction maintains a constant windrow width, even through sharp turns. Swing arms are reinforced at the pivot points for added durability.
  • Easy Way To Adjust Windrow Density: A four-point suspension system with double top links can be adjusted to change the tilt of the basket assembly. Shortening the length of the basket upper link tilts the tines forward for loose, fast-drying windrows. Increasing the length tilts the tines rearward for tighter windrows.
  • Designed For Durability: A number of features improve durability on Model 216. Stripper bar supports reduce the possibility of tine breakage by maintaining bar and tine alignment. Superior basket suspension permits tines to lift over obstacles for cleaner raking and less tine failure. Stronger lower links and a reinforced frame increase durability.
  • Tough Tines Have Long Life: Rubber Dyna-tines provide long life and are mounted individually so they are easy and economical to replace. An additional 120 tines can be added for more sweeping and cleaning action. Rake tine bars are mounted to spider assemblies with two sealed ball bearings at each end for hassle-free servicing.
  • Fast Change To Transport Ready: Changing from field to transport position is easy, too. Use the hydraulics to shift the baskets into place; the swing frame folds as you move the tractor forward. Just raise the baskets and go, all from the tractor seat. When you get to the next field, the previous basket angle and width settings are repeated automatically.
Rake Hitch Features
  • Dual Raking Saves Time: Cut man hours, fuel consumption and tractor time in half, while doubling your raking productivity with the Model 252 pivot-tongue rake hitch. It lets you configure two Rolabar® rakes to take two separate windrows or make one giant windrow.
  • Model 252 Pivot-Tongue Rake Hitch: Transport, operate and adjust two Rolabar rakes without leaving your tractor seat using the Model 252 rake hitch. It provides the flexibility of mounting two rakes to operate in tandem, taking separate swaths, or in a V-shape to combine two windrows into one. The 252 hitch works with either 8½- or 9½-foot rakes, ground or hydraulic driven.
  • Raking width ft. in. (mm): 10' 6" (3198) each basket - Up to 27' (8223) maximum, both baskets
  • Width overall ft. in. (mm): 10 (3045) transport
  • Height overall ft. in. (mm): 5'4" (1626 mm)
  • Length overall ft. in. (mm): 22' 1" (6730) transport
  • Wheel Tread ft. in. (mm): Adjustable, depending on working width setting
  • Transport Speed mph (km/h): 20 (32)
  • Operating Speed mph (km/h): 2 to 10 (3 to 16)
  • Weight, approx. lbs. (kg): 3,005 (1363)
  • Main frame in. (mm): Tubular steel construction
  • Basket: One-piece, welded construction
  • Basket drive: Hydraulic
  • Gearbox (ground drive): None
  • Drive Housing: None
  • Tine bars: 5, extra-heavy high carbon steel
  • Tines: Rubber-mounted
  • Number of tines: 220 standard, 340 optional
  • Tine Bar Bearings: Double ball bearing
  • Drive: Hydraulic
  • Delivery: Center
  • Tractor requirement hp: 50 hp; 9 gpm hydraulic flow with 2000 psi relief, four remote outlets, double circuit
  • Hitch type: Drawbar
  • Standard safety equipment: Transport lights; safety tow chain



10 in. (3045 mm)
3,005 lb. (1363 kg)
Recommended HP
50 hp

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