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Precision Land Management (PLM) Fully Automated Guidance Systems for Farming

Guidance system

From the enhanced productivity of lightbar steering , to the pinpoint accuracy of fully automated guidance our Precision Land Management (PLM) solutions will help you maximize yields, control input costs and optimize your profits.  Operators also cite "being less fatigued" as a benefit further boosting farm efficiency and productivity.

To learn precisely how our precision farming solutions can boost your farm's productivity, visit with Stevan or Rob.  They will show you how to realize the best possible return on your precision farming investment.

Be sure to ask about the new RTK service  and VS cellular  in Havana! 
RTK is central for your navigation systems and automatic machine guidance. It's advantage over traditional positioning increases productivity and accuracy. It provides the best precise GPS positioning.



Stelter Hofreiter, Inc. was proud to receive the President's Award for 2014.  We have received it every year since the inception of the program!

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